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How to clean and maintain the air oilless fryer, air fryer cleaning and maintenance!(Hits:) 
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       People need to eat every day to maintain the material energy of life. The fumes in the kitchen are not a small problem. The long-term inhalation of this taste is easy to cause some diseases. For the sake of people's health, there is now an air fryer, which is cooked on the basis of no fumes. delicious food. After using it for a long time, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the air fryer, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy such benefits. Although I don't know much about air fryer cleaning and maintenance, we can learn together.

First, air fryer cleaning and maintenance methods

1. Use oil-free air fryer cleaning tool

(1) Due to the difference in the material and performance of the air fryer and the ordinary pot, do not use a steel brush to clean it, it will damage the material of it, pay attention to this aspect.

(2) You can use a sponge, a rag, a brush to clean it, or you can use a detergent to remove the enzyme. Always wash it with a clean towel, then dry the surface with a dry towel.

(3) Before cleaning, you need to clean the food residue in the pot first, so as to facilitate the subsequent cleaning and maintenance.

2. Tips for use

(1) If it is considered difficult to clean and maintain, you can spray oil on the frying net or spread the baking paper, which can reduce the difficulty of cleaning, simplify the cleaning process, and save time.

(2) Turn on the power first, let the pot warm up first, then spray some cooking oil in the pot, or spread the baking paper to avoid the meat sticking and not to clean again.

(3) After baking the baking paper, it may affect the cooking speed of the ingredients. The cooking time and temperature need to be improved.

3. Clean in time

(1) After each use, use hot water to clean it. Don't put it directly. When you think of it, it will be cleaned. The food residue will stick to it, which will increase the difficulty of cleaning.

(2) This should be encountered by many people. Don't add unnecessary work to yourself because of the laziness of the moment. During this time, it will also produce dirt, breed bacteria, and clean up itself.

Second, air fryer maintenance method

1. Before using the appliance, read the instructions and precautions, understand the simple operation and precautions, and pay attention to it when you use it.

2. When using it normally, do not cover the air outlet of the fryer, and do not place it in a damp or corrosive gas. It is easy to damage its material in this environment.

3. After use, pour the residual oil from the bottom of the pot; pour the inner pot and pot into the detergent and warm water for a few minutes, then use a sponge, brush, brush to help clean the inner pot and frying net, pay attention to dry the water.

4. Wait for the air fryer to lower its body temperature, wipe the outer area with a rag, keep it as clean as possible, and let it dry in a well ventilated place.

  In summary, this article mainly talks about the air fryer cleaning and maintenance method, it can provide us with a healthy environment, but we must also maintain it, otherwise it is easy to damage the furniture, although the air fryer cleaning and maintenance is not difficult It takes a little more time and skill. If you still don't understand the air fryer cleaning and maintenance, you can also learn related knowledge through other means.



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